Adobe Lightroom Export Plugin to Facebook Fan Pages

For a long time, one small barrier has kept me from uploading a lot more photos to my office Facebook Fan Page:, and that is the simple fact that Lightroom did not have the ability to upload directly (no Publish Service) to Fan Pages — only to Personal Pages.  I had to export the pictures from Lightroom to another folder, THEN go to Facebook and upload them from there.  Not that it is a lot of work, but it required more steps than how easily I can Publish photos to my SmugMug photography site,, where I have photo galleries of 6MonthSmiles Invisible Adult Braces patients, porcelain veneer before/after pictures, and more.

Jeffrey Friedl’s Lightroom Plugin Exports Directly to Fan Page Albums

Well, tonight (March 20th, 2011) I was researching some material to put in my upcoming Townie Meeting 2011 lecture on dental digital photography workflow, and through various roundabout ways, I ended up back on the blog of Jeffrey Friedl, who has been creating and updating highly functional Adobe Lightroom plugins for as long as Lightroom has been around.  And I happened to read this very exciting statement:

Note: as of version 20110116.147, the plugin can upload to albums on fan/group pages.

Dentists can easily export pictures to the office Fan Page with this Adobe Lightroom plugin.Needless to say, I immediately downloaded the new plugin and registered it (it’s Donationware, which means it is “almost” free, which means all you have to do is pay the minimum 1 US penny via PayPal for unlimited registration/use of the plugin) with a $20 donation.  With just a minute needed to authenticate to Facebook, suddenly I had the easiest way possible to send all the pictures I could want directly to Facebook and even keep track of them within Lightroom.  You can even set it up for multiple Fan Pages, as I’ve shown here.

I highly recommend Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for dentists, and with this Facebook plugin, it became an even better option, given how important Social Media is becoming in promoting our dental practices.

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