Dental photography and marketing on social media, the webUltimately, one of the primary reasons for both intraoral and extraoral dental photography is to “sell” ourselves and our abilities to patients, whether through print ads, websites, social media sites, photo books, before/after videos on YouTube!, etc.

As I discuss throughout this site, your start-to-finish workflow should be designed around making it quick and easy to do as many of those options as possible.  After all, we’re dentists, not professional marketers nor – in most cases – professional photographers who are adept at Photoshop.  While it can be a fun challenge to become so, it consumes a lot of time learning it.  What I will share here and in the blog is how I have learned to channel pictures; hopefully you will find it helpful.

Some ideas on possible internal and external dental marketing uses for the pictures of your dentistry (with links to some of my own examples):

  1. Photobooks for your reception area
  2. Add to your DDS GP iPad app
  3. Wall posters
  4. YouTube! Before/After video slideshows
  5. Reception area and/or operatory Before/After slideshows
  6. Your Google Places or Facebook Page
  7. Your websites
  8. Create a Flickr collection

(more to come soon!)

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