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For many years, I was unable to attend much  CE due to the economic downturn and my own early financial mistakes.  As of 2012, however, with a rapidly growing practice, I have resumed taking the kind of advanced dental continuing education that I love.  I’ve been fortunate to attend many highly-regarded seminars, with top-notch lecturers, and I would like to share my experience with them, and how they’ve benefited my practice, and why you may want to attend them, too.

Honest and (Un?)biased Dental CE Reviews

Because of my CE experiences this year, both good and bad, I’ve decided to start writing my own personal reviews of each course that I take.  I’m adding a new section to the site, with a full page devoted to each course.  In each review, I will do my best to provide as unbiased and honest a review as I can.  Of course, it’s impossible to escape my own biases, but one thing I will promise my readers: they will be never be paid for by any company or presenter.  No ghost-writers, copy writers, nothing like that – they will be my personal opinions and experiences, good and bad.  And you’ll get a short video summary to boot.

I will review all CE programs that I take, whether online, at a large conference (which I generally avoid like the plague), in-office, or in small-group settings, but mostly they will be for live CE programs.

Dental Continuing Ed Review Criteria

The following will be the criteria used for rating all programs that I attend:

  • Costs
  • Materials included
  • Topic
  • Opinions on the speaker(s)
  • Practicality & ease of implementation
  • Venue

I hope these reviews will be helpful for any of my colleagues who are considering different CE to attend themselves; we all spend money on CE, and none of us enjoy wasting money on courses that don’t benefit us.

I welcome comments, critiques, suggestions, and even objections, as long as they’re respectful and professional.

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