Quadrants and Occlusals

Sextant Shot:

I’ve always called them Quadrant shots, but its really hard to get all the way to the Centrals.

Photographer Position:

Depending on if you are a righty or a lefty, the camera should be at either the 3 O’clock or the 9 O’clock position.  Some will take the pictures at 3 O’clock for teeth on the patient’s right  and 9 O’clock for those on the left.  I personally just stay at the 3 O’clock for both and just have the patient turn towards me for the left side and maybe contort myself to get the shot.

Patient Position Upper:

This took me forever to figure out.  When taking upper sextant shots, lay the patient flat, for the lower put them at 45 degrees.

Patient Position Lower:

For the lower, really tip the head back, you may end up being more in the 2 O’clock position by this time.

As stated before, you need to frame the shot, so that there is minimal rotating:


Point of Focus:

If there are 3rds present aim for the first molar, if not go for the second pre-molar

Lip Position Upper:

Another thing I just learned is to leave the opposite side retractor in,  on the side you are photographing, pull the lip up or down.  In this case if we are visulaizing the upper left sextant, pull the lip up.

Tongue Position:

Sometimes, especially on second molars, the tongue just won’t play nice so sometimes you need to use a mirror, I can show you later on how to photoshop it out.

Mirror Position:

I stated this before, but if you keep the mirror paralell to the arech, you will get more of the buccal or lingual due to the curve of wilson.


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