Extraoral Photos

When dealing in with Mirrors, although its tricky, we have one area all figured out, and thats Perspective.  When taking pics of 3D things, we can alter how its perceived on a 2D image by moving around it.  This is obvious in x-rays when we forshorten or elongate roots in radiographs based on the cone position to the tooth. Same thing happens when we take a picture too high or low relative to the patients mouth.

In the picture above we are down below the chin and the centrals look short as well as superior to the canines.

The same holds true for the opposite.  This picture was taken above the patients nose, so the centrals look longer and are inferior to the canines.

We can also have perspective issues with the lens of the camera we use.  The smaller the lens, the more “fisheye” of a look we get.  The picture above was with a simulated 35mm camera.

The 85mm lens gives us a flatter picture

A 200mm lens gives us a “too flat” picture.

A good way to check if your perspective is off, is to go back to that whole Curve of Spee issue.  The first molar should be superior to the canines, if not, change your angle.


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