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Dr. August de Oliveira

There are a tremendous number of very talented clinicians on DT, one of whom happens to be Dr. August de Oliviera.  Over the years, August has been a tremendous contributor on the CEREC threads; he also has authored an ebook, a real book, and website on placing dental implants.

Most recently, though, August started a thread called Clinical Photography for Dummies, in which he is demonstrating how to position yourself, your camera, your mirror, and your patient in order to consistently and predictably take high-quality intraoral photos.  I think he MAY have a bit too much free time on his hands, though, as he’s using a 3D imaging program to do it, but that’s a different story.  LOL

With August’s permission, I am publishing his work here for those who need help in learning to take clinical pictures, as he as done such a superb job.  Due to the amount of material, I will break it into several pages, so please look back to the Navigation Menu for the next page once you’re done.  With no further ado:

How to Take Quality Intraoral Photos by Dr. Oliveira: Introduction


I’ve been on a bit of a dental photography kick lately.  A few years back when I was learning CEREC or when I got back into implants, I was really good about taking pictures.  What I found that the more I did it, the better my dentistry got, and also it took less time to get the right pictures as I was in sort of a groove.  I would not say that my practice is any busier now, I have just gotten lazy with picture taking.  So I’m doing what any lazy dentist does, I am delegating it!

Every now and then when I have had time I’ve gotten the mirrors and cameras out and have been working with my assistants taking pictures.  What I also observed in doing some CEREC in office training, is that some of the real basic things like photographer position, holding the camera, positioning the patient, etc are often glossed over in articles in the magazines or in books.  And to be honest, I really did not think much about it, I just moved around until I got a good shot.

In the photography forum there has been some great “for dummies threads” already done by Chip and others.  These really have focused on the tecnical aspects of using cameras.  What I’d like to “dummy down” is to really cookbook how to take, say a maxillary occlusal or a upper right sexrtant shot.

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